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info09/15/2016: RTB 006-15: Changes to the Form Used by Insurance Companies
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info Miscellaneous Lien Foreclosure Chart

The Vehicle Titles and Registration (VTR) Division has worked diligently to clarify and streamline the various lien foreclosure processes. VTR is happy to be able to provide you with a process flow chart for each of the six foreclosure processes. Please note that the mechanic’s lien foreclosure process has two flow charts as a result of legislative changes made during the 84th Legislative Session. These charts are available by clicking on the “Resources” tab above.


info New and Revised Learning Modules

The Vehicle Titles and Registration (VTR) Division is actively pursuing a redesign of existing LMS modules as well as the creation of new modules. New or redesigned modules that are currently available are R-101 (Introduction to Registration), R-102 (Registration Basics), R-117 (Introduction to Single Sticker), and T-101 (Texas Titles and the TxDMV).

We are also excited to announce that T-110 (Introduction to NMVTIS) is available as of Friday, September 4! VTR will be providing a second NMVTIS lesson in the near future, featuring more in-depth correction processes, requirements, and guidance. Be on the lookout for T-205 (NMVTIS in Detail) and many more great new or redesigned lessons!

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info July 2015 NMVTIS Webinars

On July 28 and 29, the Vehicle Titles and Registration Division hosted four online training webinars for county tax assessor-collector personnel who perform corrections and process transactions involving NMVTIS errors. The webinars served as a general reminder, provided guidance for common mistakes, and included a Questions and Answer session with the TxDMV NMVTIS Helpdesk. A copy of the presentation and a recording of one of these sessions is available on the "NMVTIS Resources" page which is accessible from the TAC Toolbox to the right, or by clicking the link below.

NMVTIS Resources

infoRTS Refactoring & Cognos

For your convenience, all documents and training relating to this topic have been grouped in one place. The"RTS Refactoring Resources" page is easily accessible from the Toolbox or the link below.

RTS Refactoring Resources


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